Diamond Treated Brake Parts Reduce Maintenance Costs

Power Brake LLC says its diamond-treated brake drums and rotors for large vehicles, such as fire apparatus, provide improved performance and extend the life of the parts.

The company, which is based in Tampa, Fla., said it uses a patent-pending process to apply elements with extreme force to the components’ cast iron surfaces where they coalesce with the metal. It is not a coating or plating process, according to Power Brake.

Diamond treated brake drums and rotors, as well as flywheels and other metal friction components, are virtually impervious to the destructive heat-generating effects of friction, the company said. As a result, it said, drum and rotor wear, heat-checking, scoring, hot-spotting and cracking are greatly reduced or eliminated altogether.

Because a more “friction friendly” braking surface is created at the contact area of the drum or rotor, the company said brake linings and disc pads have been proven to last longer and perform more effectively.

Another attribute of diamond-treated drums and rotors, according to Power Brake, is that they eliminate the brake “sticking” problem that occurs when the ferrous material in brake linings rust and adhere to the cast iron material of drums or rotors. Vehicles used in northern climates are susceptible to the brake-sticking problem, the company said.

Diamond-treated products significantly reduce brake maintenance costs, according to Power Brake, which offers a 100,000-mile warranty against drum or rotor failure due to cracking, warping and wear.

For information call 727-526-1333 or go to www.powerbrake1.com.

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