CrewBoss Introduces Fire Rehab Kits

CrewBoss is offering new fire rehab equipment kits that provide turnkey packages for fire departments needing to comply with recent National Fire Protection Association 1584 and OSHA rehabilitation standards.

Kits are available from CrewBoss dealers to fit a variety of department sizes and budgets. “A curb, a cooler, and a case of bottled water isn’t meeting the standard or complying with OSHA,” said Ryan Davidson, the company’s fire sales manager. “We took the best of what was available and created the things that weren’t available.”

Each rehab package includes and is built around a 16-foot diameter rehab shelter that provides immediate protection from the weather, a clean environment and service functions, such as command and control space. The shelter is manufactured by Western Shelter Systems.

The shelter fulfills the first 1584 requirement, relief from climatic conditions. It can also be used for a range of other purposes on the fire ground or training facility, such as privacy tent, command center, media control and temporary medical triage.

“The shelter is not just another pop-up soccer tent,” said Davidson. “This shelter is a brother to the Western Shelter and GateKeeper shelters, utilized by virtually every federal USAR and DMAT team in America.”

The tent can be set up in less than four minutes by two people, he said.

CrewBoss has been manufacturing station wear and wildland PPE clothing for over 20 years. For information, go to

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