Create Pre-Fire Diagrams From Satellite Photographs

BEAVERTON, OR—CAD Zone, Inc., introduces EASY PLAN, a new concept in pre-fire diagramming software that enables fire service personnel to create accurate, detailed diagrams from satellite photos in five minutes or less. A special tool for locating and importing satellite photos is combined with features for outlining critical structures, placing text and dimensions, and adding pre-drawn symbols on top of the aerial view.

With EASY PLAN, users can obtain recent satellite images via Microsoft® Bing Maps by simply entering an address or building name. These satellite images are geo-referenced, so accurate measurements can be obtained from them. Using the aerial image as a background, the pre-fire diagram is drawn on top of it.

Other features include:

  • Locate satellite images of any area, zoom and pan them to get a specific view.
  • Fade photos to reduce opacity of background images.
  • Use the basic drawing and editing tools to outline buildings and other key features.
  • Add notes  and arrows to draw attention to details.
  • Select and place pre-drawn symbols on top of the satellite image to show hydrants, FDC, doors, sprinkler systems, and other items.
  • Place dimensions and take accurate measurements from the aerial image.
  • Place borders and forms around the diagram.

EASY PLAN diagrams can be incorporated into First Look Pro, CAD Zone’s pre-fire plan organizer software, for access on a mobile computer. EASY PLAN diagrams also are fully compatible with The Fire Zone, CAD Zone’s premier diagramming program for creating detailed floor plan and 3D site diagrams.

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