Clark County Selects CyberLock System To Manage Narcotics

Clark County Fire Department officials have implemented the CyberLock system of electronic lock cylinders and programmable keys to manage and control access to their controlled substances.

As the largest fire department in Nevada, Clark County provides emergency services to an area encompassing 7,910 square miles that includes the Las Vegas Strip and neighboring resort townships.

Since May 2008, county fire officials have installed CyberLocks on 25 narcotic safes in fire stations and 46 on rescue vehicle narcotic safes.

“The CyberLock system has been very easy for us to manage,” said Jeff Reagor, the department’s EMS supervisor. “Each time we get a new rescue vehicle, our division mechanics install a narcotic safe and the CyberLock cylinder in a matter of minutes.”

The CyberLock system’s electronic locks and keys record openings and unauthorized attempts to open their narcotic safes. The audit report allows the department to confirm that the responsible person is taking inventory, checking drug expiration dates, and insuring that the drugs have not been tampered with.

Each narcotic safe has to be inventoried daily. If a safe has been opened any other time of the day, it must correspond with an emergency call.

Videx, based in Corvallis, Ore., designs and manufactures CyberLock access control products. For information, call 541-758-0521, email, or go to

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