CAD Zone Announces New Version of First Look Pro

BEAVERTON, OREGON, November 10, 2011The CAD Zone, Inc., introduces First Look Pro Version 5 (FLP 5),  the innovative software program that allows fire service personnel to organize and locate pre-incident plans, site diagrams, maps, and photographs. The new software version is faster, more powerful, and more customizable than prior First Look Pro versions.

CAD Zone Announces New Version of First Look ProUser Defined Fields

One of FLP 5’s important new features is the ability for users to create their own data fields. If  you do not find a field you want in First Look Pro, now you can add custom fields of information that are unique to your fire department. 

A simple dialog has easy-to-use tools for adding your own text boxes, Rich Text note boxes, check boxes and pull-down lists.

WISER Hazmat Program Compatible

Another new feature in FLP 5 is computability with the popular WISER application designed to assist first responders with handling hazardous materials. First responders who have WISER can now launch it from FLP 5 and automatically display information about materials listed in the pre-plan.

‘Mutual Aid’ Synchronizing

Fire departments that provide “mutual aid” to each other can now synchronize pre-plans among them. Many large fire departments use First Look Pro’s powerful mutual aid features to share their pre-fire plans among different fire departments. In First Look Pro 5, mutual aid records now can be scheduled for automatic synchronizing, so even separate fire departments will always have the latest pre=fire plans when they are providing  mutual aid.

Occupant Grouping

Another new option allows multiple occupants to be grouped together under a “parent” pre=plan. This provides the incident commander with a strategic view of a large facility, such as a m all or industrial complex, and instant access to pre-plans for the individual occupancies or buildings that are included in it.

Among some of the other significant new features of FLP 5 are:

  • New Fire Flow Calculator – A comprehensive Fire Flow Calculator has been added, based on the ISO method of determining fire flow. Individual worksheets are included in FLP 5 so you can enter all values needed to pinpoint effective area, exposure factor, and communications factor.
  • Master Hydrant List – You can now manage hydrants in FLP V5 with a Master Hydrant List. Once  you modify hydrant information on the list, all the occupants that reference that hydrant are automatically updated. This eliminates duplicate hydrant entries and results in more accurate pre-fire plans.

Flexible Pricing

First Look Pro 5 is still priced at $299 per copy. Discounts are available for purchase of multiple copies. Shipping and handling cost is added to any purchase

To order, or to obtain a free evaluation version, call The CAD Zone, Inc., at: 800=641-9077, or visit:

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