Apopka (FL) Implements Motorola Radio System

SCHAUMBURG, IL – Motorola Solutions, Inc., a provider of innovative, mission-critical communications for government customers, and the City of Apopka, Florida, announced the world’s first deployment and acceptance of a dual mode ASTRO® 25 system with P25 TDMA trunking. A P25 standards-compliant solution, ASTRO 25 with P25 TDMA trunking is part of Motorola’s Next Generation Public Safety portfolio of solutions that is transforming public safety operations and strengthening the mission-critical communications core.

The P25 communications system is being used by Apopka police, fire and emergency management personnel, as well as by Apopka Public Works. The system gives Apopka enhanced coverage and interoperability with surrounding agencies utilizing 700 and 800 MHz frequencies, without the need for adding frequency bands, antenna sites or stations.


  • Apopka is using Motorola’s award-winning APX™ series of P25 mission-critical two-way radios, including 85 APX 7500 mobile radios and 250 APX 7000 portable radios. APX radios provide optimal functionality, loud and clear audio and multi-band functionality in one device, allowing first responders the freedom to seamlessly connect between multiple frequencies for better communications with agencies, improved mobility, officer safety and response time.
  • P25 TDMA technology enabled Apopka to double channel capacity from five to 10 channels for more efficient use of spectrum and improved system access to manage emergencies.
  • Using Motorola’s software upgradeable GTR 8000 Base Station, Apopka public safety agencies operating on 800 MHz TDMA use Motorola’s Dynamic Dual Mode feature to communicate with Apopka Public Works and neighboring agencies using 700 MHz Frequency Division Multiple Access (FDMA) technology. The software feature offers seamless interoperability between P25 FDMA and P25 TDMA users, dynamically allocating a call based on available resources without any user intervention or awareness.
  • The Apopka ASTRO 25 system is also enhanced with integrated voice and data capabilities, secure encrypted communications, automatic vehicle location (AVL) and over the air programming (OTAP). Apopka is taking advantage of Motorola’s feature- and application-rich APX radios, which include integrated GPS, text messaging, intelligent lighting and user controlled radio profiles.

For more information, visit Motorola.

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