Pat Grubb

Vice President

Pat Grubb joined the fire service in 1975 and after some training began responding to fires, rescues and EMS calls. He continued pursuing training in all aspects of emergency response wherever he could find it. Early in his career as an emergency responder, he was identified as having instructor potential and invited to become an instructor in several specialties. Over the years, his training extended to firefighters, rescuers, EMTs, and paramedics throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia, and New York.

He continued teaching for private companies, county, and state agencies until 1993 when he was hired by ESI Equipment, Inc. There he broadened his scope by pursuing his rescue teaching career on a larger scale. ESI provided a much greater opportunity for research and development of new car technology training as well as a chance to make contact with a larger audience on a regular basis.

Currently he is Vice President of ESI Equipment, Inc. and Junk Yard Dog Industries. Both companies provide rescue equipment sales, service, installations and vehicle extrication training programs. ESI provides more than 100 programs each year in basic and advanced vehicle extrication and new vehicle technology. By staying in contact with the rescue equipment business on a daily basis, his training programs are in a constant state of development and improvement. Grubb is often utilized as a train-the-trainer resource for vehicle extrication and new car technology.

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