KME Boston Fire Department Ladder 17

In October 2012, KME announced that the Boston (MA) Fire Department placed an order for three aerials. shown above are the finished trucks. The 109-foot steel ladders have a 2.5:1 structural safety factor and are manufactured using 100,000-psi steel. They also include 1,500-gpm prepiped waterways and 750-pound tip loads. The fire apparatus offer short 14-foot jack spreads, have 208-inch wheelbases, and are only 41 feet in overall length. The body corners at the rear are mitered for better turning radius. Other body features include a combination of rollup and hinged doors, coffin compartments with both top and side access, and ladders accessible from the side of the body for easy access at crowded fire scenes. The KME Aerial Cat 109-foot rear-mounted aerials are going to  Ladders 17, 18 and 29. Photos by Michael Boynton.


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