TenCate Millenia™ XT PPE Fabric

TenCate Millenia™ XT
Millenia™ XT Outer Shell Fabric is an extreme leap forward in outer shell protection, flexibility, and durability. It outperforms every other premium outer shell fabric in every test that matters: thermal insulation, strength after exposure, and durability. As a matter of fact, it’s so durable that TenCate backs the fabric with a 7-year warranty against holes and tears—the only 7-year warranty on the market. With this landmark advance in textiles technology, TenCate adds to its unparalleled tradition of leadership through innovation. Millenia XT is a Peak Performance System fabric.

  • Highest thermal stability. Retains strength and flexibility even after thermal exposure.
  • Greatest strength retention. 250% stronger after thermal exposure than any other competitive outer shell.
  • Best initial strength. 40% stronger than and other competitive outer shell.
  • Greatest flexibility. Supple hand ensures more freedom of movement in tight spots.
  • Most durable. Unbeatable durability and overall wear life.
  • Top performance in Taber abrasion resistance.
  • 5-year warranty against holes and tears.
  • Peak Performance System™ – Because of its superior performance, Millenia XT has been selected as an outershell component of the Peak Performance System.


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