Sempermed Donates Gloves

Clearwater, FL—Sempermed USA, a manufacturer of hand protection, donated its premium TenderTouch and SemperCare Ntirle exam gloves to Nature’s Academy of Bradenton, Florida. The donation was made in an effort to assist in providing children with the necessary resources needed to explore education outside the classroom.

Nature’s Academy offers environmental education for youngsters throughout the greater Tampa Bay area. The Nature’s Academy staff is dedicated to conservation and sustainability of the coastal environment; their mission to share this passion through education.

For nearly a decade Nature’s Academy has provided hands-on programs which aim to immerse children in the experiential learning environment. The programs offered educate individuals about the complexity of earth’s ecosystems and inspire them to become better stewards of our planet’s limited resources.

“With our shark dissections, students learn about the external and internal anatomy of sharks, discuss sensory adaptations, examine how sharks fit into the food web and what would happen without them, and dispel myths associated with sharks,” said Sara McCutcheon, Education Director of Nature’s Academy. “We hope that by understanding more about sharks students will not fear them, but rather respect them and their role in the environment.”

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