Protection from the Skin Up

When Firefighters need protetion from thermal events, it should start in the right place: Next to their skin. TenCate Protective Fabrics and DFND partner to bring the American Firefighter the latest innovation in base-layer, flame-resistant protection.  

The FireDFND Collection includes base-layer short sleeve shirt, long sleeve shirt, and boxer, all made from the comfortable FR fabric TenCate TechT4. This new collection is available to view at Booth 1915 during FDIC International 2016.

The FireDFND collection by DFND is designed by firefighters for firefighters. For far too long, station wear lacked a base-layer protection so whenever first responders are called to duty, there’s a layer of FR protection to keep American Firefighters ready to serve. After the years of field testing and firefighter evaluation, we are confident the FireDFND Collection by DFND will be the new choice of base-layer for fire departments everywhere.

This short sleeve shirt is a performance-based shirt that is meant for a high-performance job. It is made with an inherently FR blend without any harsh fire-retardant chemical treatment applied. This means the fiber blend that makes the yarn is flame-resistant forever; protection will never wash out or wear away.

The FireDFND Collection by DFND are non-fading, non-shrinking, highly breathable and are inherently wicking for excellent moisture management. 

The FireDFND Collection will keep its shape and color better and last longer than typical cotton shirts. The FireDFND Collection is affordable while not sacrificing quality. When the life cycle of a garment is extended, the cost of replacement goes down. The FireDFND collection is available for entire commands, departments, or individual buyers. You will see significant cost savings, long wear life and an excellent value proposition.

The FireDFND Collection is being manufactured using a fabric supplied by TenCate Protective Fabrics called TechT4™ with Coolderm™ Technology. TenCate TechT4™ is an inherently FR base-layer fabric. TenCate TechT4™ is a non-contributory FR fabric, meaning that it will not melt, ignite, drip, or char. This is in accordance with the standards set forth by the Department of Homeland Security’s Dual Certified NFPA 1975/1977 Project, more commonly known as the DHS Wildland Firefighting (WLFF) PPE Garment system.

It is worth noting that the NFPA has no standard regarding base-layer garments other than the aforementioned. While TechT4™ is not certified, neither is cotton. Cotton may ignite and burn during a thermal event; TechT4™ will not.

When used as a base layer underneath FR stationwear, turnout gear or other FR gear, TechT4™ garments enhance the protection and provide an extra layer of protection, while cotton may not. Other base-layer fabrics, like many popular, moisture-wicking blends that include polyester, spandex or nylon, could melt to the skin during a thermal event, which could hurt a firefighter even more.

Like some popular athletic performance base-layer fabrics, the fiber blend of TenCate TechT4™ provides excellent moisture management. TenCate Coolderm™ Technology provides an evaporative cooling effect in warm climates and helps to regulate body temperature in cooler climates. Sweat and moisture are drawn, or wicked, away from the body and dispersed over a wide area of the fabric to ensure quicker drying times. 

In wildland firefighting scenario, this wicking action will help to increase firefighter performance by working to keep core temperatures lower. A comparable cotton shirt takes about 75 minutes to dry while the FireDFND Collection shirt with TechT4™ will dry in about 30 minutes.

When adding TechT4™ with stationwear or thermal barriers that use TenCate Coolderm™ Technology, the moisture-wicking properties are actually enhanced further, pulling away and dispersing moisture away more layers in the ensemble.

Like all Coolderm™ Technology fabrics, TenCate TechT4™ is hypoallergenic, less likely to irritate the wearer’s skin. TechT4™ is further enhanced with MicrobeSHIELD, to reduce the potential of body odor.

About DFND

DFND was founded with the principal to design the most technological Base Layer, Medical Grade Compression and Cold Weather systems for the worlds most elite team members.  DFND products are built for a purpose.  They are built with technology to enhance your performance and protect you against natures most extreme elements.  All DFND products are designed, tested and proudly made in the USA and are Berry Compliant.

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About TenCate Protective Fabrics

TenCate Protective Fabrics is the world’s largest manufacturer of inherently FR fabrics. 70 percent of firefighters in the U.S. wear TenCate fabrics. TenCate supplies TenCate Defender® M to the U.S. military and other tactical forces around the world. TenCate Tecasafe® Plus is fast becoming the number one choice for comfort and protection among electrical and oil and gas workers all over the world. TenCate is the most trusted name in FR fabrics across the globe.

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