Multilayer Aluminized Fabric PPE

Newtex Industries Z-Flex® Silver™ multilayer aluminized fabric system combines Z-Flex Multilayer Aluminization (MLA™) technology with a proprietary 3D Mock Knit™ fabric featuring PBI flame-resistant fibers. Z-Flex Silver is a five-layer outer shell composite that has been completely engineered to provide durable, comfortable protection from high-energy radiant heat. By reflecting back the heat, Z-Flex Silver allows close flame proximity while reducing the rate of heat absorption that can lead to thermal fatigue. The innovative Z-Flex Silver fabric starts with the Z-Flex MLA process that employs thin film vapor deposition technology to apply very fine, highly reflective aluminum particles to both sides of a high-temperature polymer film barrier. Z-Flex® films are designed to reflect up to 95 percent of radiant heat with zero flame or afterglow even when exposed to direct flame.

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