Lighter and More Flexible PPE at FDIC 2014

At FDIC 2014, Globe is introducing turnout coats and bunker pants that use fabrics by PBI and TenCate that offer lighter weight and greater range of motion. The new turnout coats on display at the Globe booth did not have the stiffness often associated with turnout gear that comes out of the box. So, gone are the days of waiting to “break in” the new gear.

It is important for firefighters to know how their gear is constructed, but in-depth discussions on fabrics, how they are constructed, their chemical products, and so on, can be tough to grasp at times. Rob Freese, senior vice president of marketing at Globe Manufacturing Company, says that the most important thing for fire departments and firefighters to remember is that technology is available that makes PPE lighter weight and increases its range of motion.

According to Freese, 20 percent of the running gear in use today by the American fire service is more than 10 years old. There are certain contaminants that chemically bond to the fibers in running gear, so there are certain things you can’t wash out, making it critical to replace the gear in a timely fashion. To address the need to replace gear, Globe has taken steps to make it more affordable for fire depatments to purchase it by introducing its Classix® line. The line includes the Classix SE and the Classix Metro™. Both lines feature the company’s drop shoulder design, Yocco™ drag rescue device, and free hanging throat tab.

The company also introduced its new ONYX™ 13-inch pull-on boot at FDIC 2014. The boot features flame-resistant, waterproof leather, CROSSTECH® footwear fabric, HEELPORT™ internal fit system, and athletic footwear construction.

For everyone who demos Globe’s new gear featuring PBI TenCate fabrics, the company makes $10 donation to the Terry Farrell Firefighter Fund in their name. The Terry Farrell Firefighter Fund provides relief to firefighters and families facing hardship.

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