Globe Manufacturing Joins Forces with “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”

PITTSFIELD, NH (January 17, 2012) It’s not every day that a New Hampshire manufacturer gets asked by a network television for their help, but when Globe Manufacturing Company heard from ABC’s long-running series, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, they didn’t hesitate for a minute. 

The television show wanted firefighter turnout gear—so they called on Globe, a leading manufacturer of firefighter turnout gear. 

But why would a show about rebuilding a home want turnout gear? The show’s producers explained: When wildfires swept through Texas in last September, firefighters were put to the test. In Heart of the Pines, Texas, the water system went down, severely limiting the ability of the town’s volunteer firefighters to battle the fire. When it was all over, 1600 homes and two lives were lost in that area—and 20 out of the town’s 24 firefighters were left without a place to call home. Just as challenging: the town’s Volunteer Fire Department lost their fire station and much of their equipment. 

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition decided to build a new home for two of the firefighters, Mizzy and Chris Zdroj, whose home had been right next to the fire station—and then the show rebuilt the fire station, as well. Globe stepped up and made a donation of more than $70,000 worth of turnout gear—and representatives from the company were there at the big reveal—which won’t be aired until next Christmas—so that they could measure every department member for their new turnout gear. 

In making the announcement about the partnership with Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Globe’s Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Rob Freese said, “Globe is so happy we had a chance to be a part of this special show. These dedicated men and women risked their lives to protect others. We’re glad to be able to help protect them so they can come home to their families. Globe has a long history of giving back, and this family and this department is one of the most deserving we’ve been involved with.” 

Freese went on to point out that 80 percent of this country’s fire departments are volunteer, doing an important job because they love it and want to help their communities. “The Chiefs of these departments often struggle to find the funds to outfit their volunteers properly and keep them safe. The Chief of the Heart of the Pines Fire Department had been doing just that for the past few months: Writing grants to try to pay for the equipment his department and volunteers so desperately needed. That’s why it was such a privilege and an honor to be able to, on behalf of Globe Manufacturing, and our partners DuPont (the suits use flame-resistant fabrics made from Nomex® and Kevlar® fibers), and the National Volunteer Fire Council, to provide new, custom fit turnout gear and boots for every member of the Heart of the Pines Fire Department.” 

Fans of Globe’s Facebook page were able to follow the progress of the show’s taping. One member of the Globe team at the taping posted, “One resident said to us, ‘It was very sad to lose two lives, but the fact that only two were lost is a testament to all of the men and women on the fire departments around here.’” 

About Globe Manufacturing Company

Globe Manufacturing Company is a fourth-generation, family-owned and managed business that makes all its products in the U.S.A. The company, which is based in Pittsfield, New Hampshire, will celebrate its 125th anniversary in 2012. 

For more information on the company and its products, visit or call 1-800-232-8323

The Emmy award winning reality program Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, is produced by Endemol USA, a division of Endemol Holding. It is executive-produced by Brady Connell and George Verschoor. David Goldberg is Chairman, Endemol North America. 

The show airs Fridays from 8:00-9:00 p.m., ET on ABC.

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