First Responders to Stay Cool with KoolSorb

The personal protection of those serving in the emergency services is of paramount importance. To help achieve this, having the correct clothing is critical. Super Absorbent Fibre (SAF(tm)) manufacturer Technical Absorbents (TAL) has been working on a new fabric technology – incorporating SAF – that is aimed at keeping the wearers of heavy outer clothing – e.g. personal protective equipment (PPE) – cool, even when working in the most challenging of environments. KoolSorb(tm) is patent-pending, and the latest fabric will be unveiled later this year.
KoolSAF (the product brand of SAF aimed specifically at the coolant apparel market) is the basis for functional and durable fabrics that offer significant advancements in reducing wearer heat-stress and fatigue – while providing increased comfort and performance capabilities. KoolSorb is one example of this.
“The main objective of KoolSorb was to create a washable coolant fabric using KoolSAF,” explains TAL Business Development Manager Dave Hill. “This coupled with the challenge of creating coolant undergarments that don’t rely on evaporation to activate the cooling process, has been tough. However, the end result and feedback to date have been  extremely positive, and we are now moving towards final fabric production.
“KoolSorb can be converted into a wide range of garments which are worn next to the skin under heavy clothing. The fabric stimulates the dissipation of heat and moisture through the rapid absorption and containment of body sweat.
“The material in touch with the skin remains relatively dry and conducts heat away from the hot areas of the body. This results in a cooling effect of up to 42.8 ºF for the wearer – directly reducing the risk of heat-stress. Garments made using this technology can also be laundered multiple times which is an important factor.
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