Firefighter Decon Challenges: Knowledge vs. Practice

Decontaminating turnout gear when firefighters are exposed to the products of combustion at a structure fire is becoming more prevalent as a means to reduce exposure to potential carcinogens. However, changing firefighters’ behavior regarding decontaminating their PPE can be a challenge. The USFA has releasef an article covering this topic.

Understanding firefighter beliefs and behaviors related to cleaning and decontaminating bunker gear after a fire is an essential first step in devising an effective health intervention to reduce risks.

This article summarizes findings from a recent study that examined firefighter attitudes, norms, and perceived barriers to field decontamination processes.

Key Takeaway
Firefighters fully recognize the benefits of post-fire cleaning and decontamination. The challenge, though, lies in getting them to act on this knowledge.

Read the full article.

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