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COATESVILLE, PA – TheFireStore.com and Bollé Safety, an international eye protection provider, have teamed up to provide a wide range of solutions in safety glasses specifically for the firefighting community. All Bollé Safety products meet or exceed ANSI Z87.1-2010 requirements. Each model of Bollé Safety glasses feature optimal fit adjustable components, high-impact polycarbonate lenses of various thicknesses, distortion-free viewing, and superior optical quality. These lenses also feature 99.99 percent UVA and UVB absorption as well as anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings. Feel confident your eyes are protected through the broad array of issues you routinely face with additional coating technology.

Cobra Safety Glasses are a prime example of the Bollé Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) lens treatment. This coating enhances the ability to see detail and improve contrast without distorting colors. Glare, eyestrain, and the harmful effects of blue light are reduced. ESP filters 57 percent of blue light while delivering 64% visible light transmission.  All this protection is incorporated into the Cobra’s 2.2-mm lens. Upper brow protection, anti-slip adjustable silicone nose pads, and a medical-grade PVC nose piece all add to the Cobra’s D3 rating for Liquid Splash Protection.

Tracker Safety Glasses have the fit and seal of a goggle with 2.2 mm thick lenses and a rubberized seal that protect against dust and other particles. The adjustable head strap improves fit and protection, contributing to the D3 Liquid Splash Rating. Twilight technology offers high contrast, high definition, and excellent light transmission. These glasses are suitable for low light and outdoor work environments, particularly early morning and late evening. Twilight lenses have a D3 rating for Liquid Splash Protection and filter out 76% of blue light.

HD lenses have a unique lens treatment that results in exceptional clarity and superior light transmission. Rush Safety Glasses incorporate HD technology with Bollé Safety’s standard treatments to form a waterproof polymer barrier on the 2.2-mm thick lens. This barrier protects against the formation of water droplets, allowing for distraction-free vision in the most humid environments. The HD lens treatment also delivers 96 percent of visible light, the highest visible light transmittance offered on safety eyewear, making them ideal for use with any type of job.

Axis Safety Glasses showcase the Contrast lens coating that offer better long-term eye protection than a standard clear lens. The Contrast lens treatment reduces eye fatigue and eye strain caused by glare and blue light. It also preserves color recognition, depth perception, and contrast. The Axis Safety Glasses with 2.4-mm Contrast lenses have 82 precent variable light transmittance and are a great alternative to any clear lens.

Light can bounce and reflect off a myriad of surfaces like water, snow, and the road. Bollé Safety’s Polarizing technology, as featured on the Lowrider Safety Glasses, removes glare and the stress it causes to your eyes. The protection provided by these 2.0 mm lenses with the Polarized treatment go well beyond government and commercial standards and makes them ideal for many environments.

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