DuPont™ Kevlar® Is Not Just About Yellow

RICHMOND, VA—DuPont Protection Technologies announced that it is increasing its capacity to produce specialty colored DuPont™ Kevlar® yarn.  This is in response to growing demand from customers for colored yarns used in a range of thermal, cut protection and composites for consumer and industrial applications.

DuPont, the world’s only producer of Kevlar®, offers a wide selection of colored para-aramid yarns. In addition to its natural yellow color, Kevlar® also is available in black, red, orange, green and blue and offers color innovation through collaborative science. Kevlar® colored yarn is used in a variety of applications including cut and heat resistant gloves, military apparel, firefighter turnout gear and flame-resistant industrial and racing apparel, as well as consumer applications including kayaks and MOTOROLA smartphones. A wide variety of color options gives customers aesthetic and functional flexibility and provides new and better ways to help them differentiate their products.

The additional color capacity is being added to the DuPont plant in Richmond, Virginia. and is expected to become available in October 2013. This latest investment in Kevlar® colored yarn capacity follows the company’s $500 million investment in a production facility near Charleston, South Carolina  The South Carolina plant opened in fall 2011.  DuPont manufactures Kevlar® through a network of four sites globally in three different regions: Richmond, Virginia.; Charleston, South Carolina; Maydown, Northern Ireland; and at a DuPont joint venture, DuPont-Toray Company in Tokai, Japan. DuPont also has research and development facilities and customer applications centers for Kevlar® in Shanghai, China; Hyderabad, India; Paulina, Brazil; Meyrin, Switzerland; Richmond, Va. and Wilmington, Del.

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