Deadline to Apply for Globe PPE Giveaway is June 1

Eligible fire departments can apply for four sets of Globe gear through the 2014 Globe Gear Giveaway. A total of 52 sets will be awarded to 13 departments this year. The deadline to apply is June 1.

This is the third year that Globe has partnered with DuPont Protection Technologies (DuPont) and the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) to help resource-constrained fire departments obtain needed turnout gear. A total of 195 sets of state-of-the-art turnout gear have already been distributed through the program, helping to enhance the safety and protection of volunteer firefighters across the nation.

To be eligible to apply for four sets of Globe gear, departments must meet the following criteria:

  • Be all volunteer or mostly volunteer (more than 50 percent)
  • Serve a population of 25,000 or less
  • Be located in the U.S. or Canada and legally organized under state/province law
  • Be a member of the NVFC

New in 2014, Globe helped struggling departments meet this last eligibility requirement by providing a complimentary NVFC Department Membership to the first 200 applicants that were not currently NVFC members. These 200 membership slots have now been filled. Applicants that are not NVFC members can join at to become eligible for this program.

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