Cosmas Unveils Three New Styles of Firefighting Boots

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The Cosmas 14-inch Vulcan

Cosmas has developed three new boots for firefighters: the Hercules Hotshot for wildland firefighting; the Vulcan for structural firefighting; and the Helios station boot.

The Hercules Hotshot is a nine-inch wildland firefighting boot that features a newly developed one-piece light leather upper, reducing the number of seams and increasing durability. The upper is resistant to water, flame, chemicals and cuts. A dual-zone extended lacing system enhances fit. 

The Vulcan is a 14-inch structural firefighting boot with a technical schoeller fabric upper that features Kermel for resistance to heat, flame, chemicals and abrasions. Eighty-seven percent lighter than leather, the fabric shaft is designed for enhanced performance and comfort. 

The Helios is a six-inch station boot featuring the RapidOff lacing system. Unlike traditional station boots with lace-in zipper systems, the Helios provides quick release levers that free the laces for faster boot removal. The injected PU outsole is designed to provide comfort, stability, and grip. 

Both the Hotshot and the Vulcan feature MidsoleArmor, a composite puncture plate/ladder shank/midsole combination. The unique construction is stiff and supportive in the heel and arch area, yet flexible in the forefoot area, allowing the foot to flex naturally.

Two other features both boots provide are AnkleArmor (contoured ankle guards that protect ankles from knocks and dings) and vulcanized rubber outsoles (for high-traction, insulation from electricity and resistance to oil and heat). 

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