Conway Shield Acquires Chief’s Choice

New Berlin, WI – Conway Shield, known for its best-in-class leather shields, fire and law enforcement products and technical training, acquired Chief’s Choice on March 18, 2021. Chief’s Choice product line is best known for its turnout gear cleaner and apparatus wash, including truck wash, diamond plate polish, bug remover, glass cleaner, degreaser and more.

“Adding the line of Chief’s Choice products just makes sense for us,” explains James Conway, CEO, Conway Shield. “We exist to support our first responder customers with what they need to do their jobs. Maintaining their gear and apparatus with the right cleaners, while also removing dangerous carcinogens that are unavoidable in this line of work, is incredibly important.”

Chief’s Choice products are now available on the Conway Shield website and through distributors across the country. For questions regarding Chief’s Choice or information on how to become a distributor, contact

About Conway Shield
Founded by Paul Conway in 1985, Conway Shield started as a cottage industry making the leather identity shields used on the helmets of firefighters, a market that remains a cornerstone of the business. From day one, Conway Shield has been committed to producing the highest quality, most professional-looking shield available. The same philosophy extends to everything else they do, offering only the products they would trust with their own lives. In addition to leather shields, Conway Shield offers equipment, apparel cleaning supplies, training and mental resilience education to people in the firefighting and law enforcement communities. Learn more at  

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