3D Carved Bulldog Helmet Front Holder

TheFireStore, the leading source for firefighting equipment and supplies, is set to feature Liberty Artworks’ 3D Carved Bulldog Front Holder, which depicts a bronze bulldog, crouched and ready for action.

Available for preorder now, the 3D Carved Bulldog Front Holder, which symbolizes high performance, taking pride in the quality of one’s work, and lasting dependability, is available only from TheFireStore. It fits all Cairns traditional helmets and fiberglass models, excluding the 880 Tradition.

The 3D Carved Bulldog Front Holder has three mounting holes capable of accommodating all Cairns helmets that currently use the Chicago screw system. Each is constructed to ensure an exact fit, and no drilling is necessary.

The exclusive 3D Carved Bulldog Front Holder will be shipped out beginning the first week of August.

For more information, click HERE

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