2014 Globe Gear Giveaway Wraps-Up with Two More Awards

Globe, DuPont Protection Technologies, and the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) have announced the final two departments to receive turnouts through the 2014 Globe Gear Giveaway Program. The Royalton (IL) Fire Department and the Burrville Volunteer Fire Department, in Sunbright, TN, will each receive four sets of new Globe turnout gear.

In 2014, 13 departments in need were awarded a total of 52 sets of state-of-the-art turnout gear to help protect their firefighters. These departments were selected through a competitive nationwide application process and demonstrated a great need for the gear that they were unable to fulfill on their own.

“We thank Globe and DuPont for understanding the critical need many volunteer departments have as they struggle to find funding to obtain gear and equipment for their firefighters,” said NVFC Chairman Philip C. Stittleburg. “Four sets of new, compliant gear will go a long way in helping these departments enhance the safety and efficiency of their personnel.”

The Royalton (IL) Fire Department provides a variety of services for its community, including responding to emergencies, participating in fire prevention education programs, and serving as the village storm spotters. The 10 firefighters all make do with old, outdated gear that does not conform to current NFPA standards. Most of the turnout jackets don’t even zip up.

“Turnout gear is the most basic protective measure for firefighters,” says Royalton firefighter George Lingafelter. “It is the single most important piece of equipment to prevent injuries and death, but it is also expensive to outfit a department properly.”

The four sets of new Globe gear will help the department make a big step toward getting their gear supply up-to-date and providing proper protection to their personnel. It will also help increase the firefighters’ image in the community as the new gear will help the members look and be more prepared for the call.

The Burrville Volunteer Fire Department is located in an economically depressed area of eastern Tennessee. With a small budget from United Way donations and no financial support from the local government, the department members are forced to operate with hand-me-down equipment including a 1963 first-due pumper and gear that is over 20 years old.

The department simply can’t afford to purchase gear on its own, with the cost of one set surpassing their annual operating budget. The donation of four sets of new Globe gear will provide over half of the department’s seven firefighters with the protection they need to respond to their community’s emergencies.

For more information, visit www.globeturnoutgear.com.

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