Plus Apparatus Ideas: Rescue 1 Heavy Rescue
View Online | 7.8.20

In This Issue: REV Fire Group Apparatus Conference & Expo; E-ONE Aerials Delivery; FA Viewpoints: Pump Panel Design

Willie is back in this month’s Cantankerous Wisdom by Bill Adams, asking common sense questions, much to the chagrin of his fire department’s apparatus purchasing committee.

The REV Fire Group recently announced its new online conference and expo, which will get started on July 20, 2020. This event features fire apparatus walk-arounds from all REV fire truck brands as well as a discussion with industry experts on the rigs and an opportunity for attendees to ask REV product specialists specific questions about the rigs. In addition, this FDIC International powered event features FDIC educational Webinars. Register now for the REV Apparatus Conference and Expo at

Chris Mc Loone, Editor

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