Workrite Uniform Company Launches New FR Station Wear Line


Firefighters with a fire truck inside a station bay

Workrite Uniform Company, a flame-resistant (FR) workwear manufacturer, is expanding its selection of Workrite FR Fire Service station wear. The company’s new Station No. 73 Collection will be on display and available to order for the first time at FDIC International 2017.

Named as a tribute to Workrite Uniform’s founding in 1973, the Station No. 73 Collection is designed to provide a modern look and comfortable fit, while expanding the Workrite FR Fire Service brand offerings to include a greater variety of choices, such as an untucked shirt, to meet the unique needs of individual fire departments. Like all Workrite FR Fire Service station wear, the collection is UL certified to NFPA 1975 and offers an improvement over cotton and polycotton uniforms in terms of both FR protection and durability.

“Thermal protective performance testing shows that the thermal energy experienced in reasonable maximum exposures, like flashover, can cause polycotton clothing worn under turnout gear to melt,” said Mark Saner, Workrite Uniform’s FR technical manager. “Flame-resistant station wear, which does not ignite and continue to burn when exposed to heat and flames, provides a valuable layer of added protection for firefighters.”

Made from Tecasafe Plus fabric with TenCate’s Coolderm Technology, the Station No. 73 Collection provides excellent moisture management and colorfastness. The Coolderm Technology also promotes evaporative cooling, which can help reduce the potential for heat stress.

In addition to the Station No. 73 Collection, the Workrite FR Fire Service brand also provides a variety of other FR station wear options. These offerings include the brand’s classic line of uniforms made using Nomex IIIA fabric, specialized construction techniques and Workrite Uniform’s proprietary PerfectPress process to provide easy care and a long-lasting crisp, professional appearance.

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