Williston (VT) Fire Department Purchases Two New Smeal Apparatus to Serve Growing Community

This Smeal 105-foot aerial built on a Spartan Gladiator cab and chassis is similar to what Williston has ordered.

SNYDER, NE—Spartan Emergency Response, a subsidiary of REV Group, and a manufacturer of fire apparatus, is proud to announce that the Williston (VT) Fire Department has chosen Spartan and its authorized dealer New England Fire Equipment and Apparatus to provide the town with two new apparatus. The order includes one Smeal 105-foot rear-mount ladder and one pumper-tanker.

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Vehicle safety and functionality are top priorities for the department as Williston has experienced significant growth over the past several years requiring them to expand their response capabilities.

With numerous multistory residential developments, the community’s growing response needs will be well served by the Smeal 105-foot rear-mount ladder, featuring a 101-foot horizontal reach at 0 degrees, 750-pound wet/dry unrestricted tip load and 1,500-gpm flow capacity. The aerial is built on a Spartan Gladiator chassis with the Spartan Advanced Protection System® (APS), a comprehensive safety enhancement package, and the only safety system featuring side-impact protection.

The custom-built pumper-tanker, designed to haul large amounts of water, will service 60 percent of the city’s response area that is not covered by a hydrant system. The truck features a 1,500-gallon water tank and a Waterous CSUC 1,500-pumppump with portable pond and dump capabilities.

“We are looking forward to the expanded resources these trucks will add to our fleet to protect and serve the citizens of Williston,” said Timothy Gerry, Captain, Williston Fire Department.

For more information, visit www.spartaner.com/brands/smeal.

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