Watertown (NY) Fire Department’s First Apparatus Returns

The first piece of equipment that the Watertown Fire Department ever owned is now back from a refurbishment project.

The first piece of equipment that the Watertown (NY) Fire Department ever owned—a 1952 pumper, Engine 77—is now back from a refurbishment project that started six years ago and is sitting in the department’s station, reports nny360.com.

For the past two years, the apparatus was in the town of Louisville in St. Lawrence County, where it went through an extensive bodywork and paint job—funded by donations. Recently, the eight-cylinder, gas-driven, 14,900-mile-having Lincoln engine was towed back to the station.

The pumper was in service for about 20 years before it was taken off the road during the early 1970s. Then, for about a dozen or so years, it sat on Brian J. Kehoe’s family farm in Sandy Creek, where it was used to irrigate his strawberries for a few years until it was retired after the farm was turned into a Christmas tree-growing business.

Its next calls will be for showcases in parades and other such events.

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