Washington Township Fire Department Analyzed for Deficiencies

Within the next few weeks, Washington Township’s insurance classification for its fire department, along with deficiencies within that organization will be announced. Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO) will perform an in-depth analysis.

The analysis takes more than just the department’s apparatus and members into account, as it scopes the entire community for water supply, distance of buildings from a fire station, communications, and other various data points.

Once the analysis is complete, representatives from the ISO will meet with town officials. Aside from the classifications set by ISO, the company will also make the fire department aware of any deficiencies it sees, from equipment problems to water supply shortages in town.

If the study shows a lack of water supply or hydrant in a specific area, and the township installs one, insurance companies will decrease a homeowner’s premium if that hydrant is within 1,000 feet of the home.

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