VIDEO: Susanne Klatt on “LODDs and Safety Standards in the German Fire Service”

By Derek Rosenfeld

On Wednesday, April 26, 2017, Essen (Germany) Fire Department Battalion Chief Susanne Klatt arrived at the Indianapolis (IN) Convention Center from the other side of the world to talk to FDIC International students about the differences between the German and U.S. fire services.

“The subject of firefighter safety is an integral part of every training you can receive in Germany, Klatt said.

Here, Klatt talks about the fitness standards and medical examinations prospective volunteer firefighters go through in Germany.

“I have been an instructor in the fire service since 2003, and that’s how long I’ve been concerned with this topic. Atlhough it’s the first time I am presenting something like this subject at an international conference an try to compare the trainings in two different countries.”

Klatt called differences between the United States and German fire services “An interesting and important subject.”


Here, Klatt talks about training and equipment standards in the German fire service.

“Firefighter safety should always be paramount. During some conversations with fellow U.S. fire officers and firefighters, I thought that it might be an interesting topic for FDIC. Also, being a safety engineer, all safety aspects are interesting to me.”

Here, Klatt talks about German training regulations and their decision-making processes.

“This is my first FDIC. I heard a lot about this conference from friends but never managed to attend. I always enjoy the networking and the exchange of views as the most interesting things at conferences. My guess would be that this happens a lot during FDIC International.”

If FDIC International students could take away one piece of information from her class, Klatt said, “Stay interested and curious.”

“I’m really looking forward to attending FDIC and meeting some old friends and, hopefully, making some new ones.”

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