VIDEO: Adam La Reau and Company Present “O2X Human Performance”

From left to right: O2X Human Performance (HP) Specialist Maria Trozzi, O2X Co-Founder Adam La Reau, HP Development Member Eamonn Burke, HP Specialist Maria Urso, HP Development Member John Hall, and HP Specialist Mike Sanders. (Photo by author.)


By Derek Rosenfeld

FDIC International 2017 continued its high-level firefighter education on Tuesday afternoon, April 25, as several members of the O2X Human Performance group led this heavily attended preconference workshop on the importance of firefighter physical fitness, diet, and rest through superior education and training.

Marking their first appearence at FDIC, the group said they were excited to meet firefighters from around the country.

Here, La Reau introduces the O2X curriculum to students:

“O2X was started in 2014. We’ve been training tactical athletes for three years, covering thousands of first responders across the United States and Canada,” said co-founder Adam La Reau. “O2X is revolutionizing tactical athlete performance.”

Next, O2X Human Performance (HP) Specialist Maria Trozzi discusses stress, sleep problems, and endurance issues in the firefighting profession:

La Reau continued, “Our team has a combined experience of 50 years in the special operation community. Our passion of helping others was formed from our past careers and wanting to perform at the highest levels.”

Here, O2X HP Specialist Maria Urso talks about the need to not be too serious about your diet:

“Small incremental changes in your mental, physical, and emotional state each day leads to large impact in your performance over time,” La Reau said.

Here, Urso talks about the basic rules of performance nutrition:

La Reau concluded, “Just remember the O2X ‘Eat, Sweat, Thrive’ methodology and you’ll be on your way to maximizing human performance.”

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