Vehicle Collides With Fire Truck in St. Joseph County

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY–A firetruck crashed into a small vehicle early Friday afternoon.

It happened while a Penn Township fire truck was responding to a call.

Investigators say the fire truck was running with “lights and sirens” down McKinley.

Police say the fire truck veered around stopped cars as it passed through the intersection at Birch Road.

The driver of a Dodge Neon thought the fire truck was turning left. That’s when the driver of the Neon turned and collided with the fire engine.

Three people were in the car, a male driver, a female passenger and a child. They all suffered minor injuries.

No firefighters were injured.

Police say this is a good reminder that if an emergency vehicle is coming through — with lights and sirens activated — pull over to the right, and stay there — until the vehicle has passed.

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