US Fire Pump Brings High Velocity Pump to FDIC International 2017

US Fire High Velocity Pump

With increased global demand for bigger fire pumps and high water flow systems to support industrial firefighting departments, US Fire Pump has developed the next generation of fire pumps and firefighting systems that bring big water flow to the most extreme fire emergencies.

The High Velocity Pump is an engine driven fire pump designed to meet NFPA 1901 performances up to 6,250 GPM (23,658 LPM). With sufficient engine power and a pressurized water system, performance will exceed 10,000+ GPM (37,854 LPM). These pumps are currently being used in fire apparatus and pump units by industrial fire departments worldwide.

US Fire Pump also specializes in providing a complete customized firefighting solution. A wide range of emergency response equipment such as Hydraulic Submersible Pumps, Remote Track Monitor, Trailer Deck Guns and Hose Recovery Vehicles are available to meet the exact performance needs of any facility or fire department.

For an in depth consultation on the many possibilities and capabilities available to you, please see US Fire Pump at FDIC Booth #3600.

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