Union to Commish: Spend Money on Trucks, Not Apparel

Plans by Boston’s fire commissioner, Roderick Fraser, to spend as much as $1 million to purchase new helmets and uniform apparel for the city’s firefighters has come under fire by Boston Firefighters Local 718’s president, according to a March 3 Boston Herald story.

According to Richard Paris, the Union’s president, the department’s apparatus fleet is out of service for long periods of time, and he would rather see money spent to purchase new trucks and repairs on the existing fleet.

Fraser counters that the department has spent up to $19 million on 13 new engines, 10 ladders, and two new rescues since 2007.

Fleet maintenance is an area the department has worked to improve since the line-of-duty-death (LODD) of Lieutenant Kevin Kelley, who was killed in an apparatus accident in which the unit he was on had faulty brakes and could not stop.

More information is available at http://bit.ly/xnuw3V.

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