Tyler Street (MA) Fire Station Deemed Historically Significant, May Turn into Residential Units

The Tyler Street Fire Station. Photo via Google Street View.

The Historical Commission recently deemed Pittsfield’s Tyler Street (MA) Fire Station historically significant, making it eligible for Community Preservation Act funding that will support its proposed restoration, reports iberkshires.com.

Developer David Carver and CT Management wish to convert the station into four residential units. Carver has completed multiple new-use renovations on historically significant properties.

The pair has put in a proposal to purchase the station and convert it, and CT Management is currently working on lining up the financing to pull together the project.

The project was requested to be submitted to the committee as an emergency as opposed to being included in the next funding cycle. A city official will now set up a meeting with the committee to see if the application will be considered out of cycle, and, if so, plans to proceed.

The station was constructed in the early 1900s by Joseph McArthur Vance, who was a prominent architect in Pittsfield who designed residential, commercial, industrial, and recreational buildings. It has been out of use since 1970 and was used mainly for storage until being shuttered in 2008. There have been several ideas floated for the building, but its condition has been a deterrent to interested buyers.

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