Two WA Towns to Receive Funds to Increase Fire Protection

The $20,000 grant, courtesy of FM Global, will help offset the effects of the state's previous wildfire season.

According to a report from KREM, the Malden and Pine City, Washington, Fire Departments will receive $20,000 each from the Washington Fire Chiefs Association (WFCA) to help with recovery efforts after a wildfire devastated the two towns in September. Both cities were almost completely destroyed from the Babb Road Fire.

The grant, given to the WFCA in the fall from FM Global, was made to help offset the effects of the state’s last wildfire season.

Approximately 80 percent of both towns were destroyed. Houses, city buildings, and even Malden’s fire station and lone fire truck were decimated. The $20,000 will help both fire departments buy back the basic equipment they lost and also rebuild their fire protection capabilities.

A rep from the WFC Board of Directors will present the funds to Malden’s mayor at noon on Tuesday, February . The remaining grant money will be used for training and education for the state’s fire service to prepare for the upcoming fire season.

Hillary Franz, Washington Commissioner of Public Lands, toured Malden with its previous mayor soon after the wildfire hit the town. She then proclaimed that the city she would be able to replace its fire truck. On December 17, that statement came true when Malden received its new fire engine.

A Washington bill would also add more money and equipment for wildfire response.

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