Ontario Firefighter Develops TRI-BLADE Tool for Entry, Other Emergency Functions

The Tri-Blade

An Ontario (Canada) firefighter has developed a tool designed to reduce the amount of gear and weight that firefighters carry on their person while maintaining the level of readiness the job requires.

The TRI-BLADE is a nine-function multi-tool comprised of the various hand tools that tend to clutter firefighters’ pockets. It is primarily used as a means of gaining access to locked or restricted areas as efficiently and respectfully as possible.

The TRI-BLADE also features the following:

Passive Entry Functions

  • Latch wedge blade to manipulate latches behind security plates
  • Modified shove knife
  • Through-the-lock tip

MVC Emergency Scene Functions

  • 8mm and 10mm – 12 point wrenches, used for battery removal
  • Window punch
  • serrated edge

RIT / Miscellaneous Functions

  • residential gas shut off wrench
  • 02 cylinder wrench

The mission was simple and so is the design of this tool. Made of the highest quality materials, the TRI-BLADE is superior in strength yet compact and lightweight. At 100grams in weight, the stored size of the tool is 1.5” x 6.5” x  .105” thick. This makes carrying the tool behind a radio or in any other pocket virtually unnoticed. The TRI-BLADE offers exceptional versatility with its simplistic yet deliberate foldable design.

Lighten up your pockets….TRI before you pry! Learn more at www.intothesmoke.ca




Tri-Blade being used for entry


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