The Price(ville) is Right: Priceville (AL) Volunteer Fire Department Opens Station 3

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A dedication was recently held for the 3,700-square-foot, $962,000 Station 3 located on North Bethel Road, which will be used by the Priceville (AL) Volunteer Fire Department recently opened, reports Yahoo.

Officials say a growing population and subdivisions under construction in the town necessitated the new station.

The half-acre property on which the station sits belongs to the Morgan County Board of Education, which has given Priceville a 99-year lease for $1 a year, officials say. Priceville made the last payment on the station construction this month and has $26,000 budgeted for station equipment.

Officials add the new station will decrease the town’s ISO rating and homeowners’ fire insurance premiums.

The new digs, which includes two engine bays and a large meeting room, has been talked about for four years and had its groundbreaking in 2020.

“So proud that the City of Priceville has a new fire station tonight,” Priceville Mayor Sam Heflin wrote on Facebook. “Thanks to the previous Mayor and Council for starting the project and for the current Council for finishing it. I believe it is something that we can all be proud of. A very special thanks to the men and women that make up our great fire department they are the unsung heroes of our community. No matter if it’s a fire in the middle of a snow storm, a rope rescue on a bluff a truck in a resturant or just a lift assist at the Terrace they are always there. I hope we can continue to provide you the tools to do what you do.”

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