TenCate and Gore Creates Lightweight Turnout Options

Options from TenCate Protective Fabrics and W.L Gore & Associates provide compelling lightweight, high-performance composite systems from two industry leaders.  Firefighters can reduce stress related to weight by choosing certain outer shells and thermal barriers from TenCate with a moisture barrier from Gore.

“TenCate knew working with Gore would generate some solutions valuable to our turnout gear manufacturing partners,” said Daniel Hauert, President of TenCate Protective Fabrics.  “By selecting and testing ensembles of outer shells, moisture barriers and thermal barriers, TenCate and Gore give data about composite systems earlier in the gear selection process.”

Mr. Hauert stressed that TenCate continues work with other manufacturers (as will Gore) to bring the best product options to the industry.  TenCate is the industry leader in FR protective fabrics.  Seven out of 10 firefighters in the United States wear TenCate.  Keeping people safe is the number one priority in every product developed at TenCate Protective Fabrics.

The combination of TenCate Millenia XTL outer shell, GORE CROSSTECH Black moisture barrier and TenCate Quantum3D SL2i thermal barrier combines to weigh less than any other composite currently available.

“TenCate and Gore continue a long tradition of working together for the greater benefit of our common manufacturers and firefighters everywhere,” Mr. Hauert said.

CROSSTECH Black mosture barrier by Gore has become the industry standard for moisture barriers used in firefighter turnout gear.  TenCate Millenia XTL is the optimal outer shell fabric for new and lightweight turnout gear.

Combining Millenia XTL with CROSSTECH Black or CROSSTECH 3-Layer moisture barriers and thermal liners such as TenCate Quantum3D SL29 or TenCate Defender M means better and more varied options for firefighters who need to decrease heat stress without sacrificing protection.

“Weight is not the only consideration in choosing gear,” Mr. Hauert said.  “Departments should think about the full range of properties that will meet their turnout gear needs.”

TenCate also tested the combination of TenCate Advance Ultra outer shell and GORE RT7100 mosture barrier with Defender M, which provides one of the most outstanding values in the market.

An exceptionally strong outer shell combined with one of the best, most breathable moisture barriers and a premium thermal barrier ensure that firefighters will be able to persevere longer, remain comfortable and stay safe.

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