Super Vac Delivers Two Large-Scale Fans to International Manufacturer

Super Vac SVU DD 50

Super Vac, one of the leading manufacturers in fire ventilation equipment, delivered two large-scale positive pressure ventilators, the SVU DD 50, to an international manufacturer in late December.

Powered by a Cummins 3.8L diesel engine, the large fans each deliver a 200,000 cfm output to ventilate smoke, fumes and gases from manufacturing facilities, large warehouses, airport terminals, commercial structures and high-rise buildings in a fraction of the time. Downtime can

adversely affect many of these facilities, costing a company $2,500-$5,000 per un-operable minute, which equates to $300,00 per un-operable hour and $2.4 million per un-operable day.

Super Vac’s most recent SVU deliveries were equipped with a scissor lift and rotating turntable, which provide 65” extension, 27-degree rotation and +/- do-degree up-and-down tilt. Both fans were mounted to their own custom trailer. Past SVUs have been mounted to trucks, flatbeds and even skid units.

The SVU also features a variety of optional accessories, including mist attachment, LED lights and ducting for positive and negative ventilation. For more information on Super Vac’s SVU, visit

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