Summer Release 2019: True North Gear® Decon™ Laundry Bag

Seattle, WA – True North Gear® to release the Decon™ Laundry Bag, designed to address a gap within current industry products by offering a simple-yet-effective solution to easily and safety isolating contaminated turnout gear.


The Decon™ Laundry Bag has a very important job; to protect the firefighter from cancer-causing carcinogens left on dirty turnout gear. With its airtight design and abrasion-resistant construction, this roomy bag reliably traps soiled gear and prevents contaminates on PPE from migrating to the apparatus’ cabin until items can be safely laundered. The Decon™ can be washed and line-dried after each use due to its rugged 210 Denier-coated Nylon material and watertight welded seams. Using a technique at the molecular level of the fabric, our welded seams are bonded together as one, providing dependable, waterproof protection with the ability to handle up to 2x more stress from use then sewn-and-taped seams. The Decon™ Laundry Bag; durable enough for the rear storage area, safe enough for the riding cabin or POVs, and functional enough to reliably isolate hazardous contaminants and create a safer environment for firefighters. Color: Bright Orange | Size: 24 x 36 x 105 cm



For 27 years, True North® has been a trusted source for quality packs, bags and FR clothing. We design and manufacture gear and accessories for structure fire, wildland fire, and search & rescue markets. From our extensive line of RIT bags and turnout duffels for structure – to a full line of packs, bags, radio harnesses and clothing for wildland fire and search & rescue – every True North® product is built for demanding, everyday use. Product innovation and intentional design practices are just starting points; what truly distinguishes True North® is superior customer service backed up by a lifetime materials warranty. In more than two decades, our passion for helping people be as comfortable and safe as possible in their gear has not changed, and the proof is in our products.

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