St. Petersburg (FL) Fire Rescue Receives Three New Specialty Fire Apparatus

Lieutenant Steven Lawrence, PIO for St. Petersburg Fire Rescue has announced that the department has received three new specialty fire apparatus.

“We have put our ‘new’ high-water/brush truck into service,” he says. “It will be housed at Station 7 and be called Brush 7. The vehicle was bought from the state and fully refurbished to meet our needs, and it has the capability to move 15-20 people and access flooded areas within our city. It’s a 1995 Stewart & Stevenson Standard Cargo truck LMTV, 4×4 with a fully automatic transmission.

“Hazmat Utility 5 was delivered to Station 5. This new utility truck was built on a Ford F-550 chassis with the body and center console custom built by E-ONE in Ocala. Hazmat Utility will respond to the majority of hazmat incidents within St Petersburg. This truck will be able to rapidly respond to incidents throughout St Petersburg and neighboring areas.”

Lawrence continues, “Station 4 welcomed their new heavy rescue. The heavy rescue will support the Technical Rescue Team(TRT) and is able to respond to any technical rescue call within Pinellas County, Florida.”

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