St. Clairsville (OH) Officials Debating Transferring Station Ownership to Cumberland Trail Fire District

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St. Clairsville (OH) city officials are debating whether to transfer ownership of the station at 142 S. Marietta St. to the Cumberland Trail Fire District, reports

District ownership of the building, built in 1978, could mean access to more grant funding for upgrades, according to officials. During a recent meeting, officials said there had been discussion of transferring ownership to the district since 2015. The official added that the action was not pursued since 2017, when other matters occupied the city and district.

COVID-19 pandemic obstacles—e.g., proper decontamination and social distancing spaces—have rekindled the talks.

Officials said that if the district takes ownership the first priorities will be a roof, shower facilities, and a diesel exhaust capture system for vehicles in the bay.

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