Spartan ER Introduces the Ladder Tower NXT 110-Foot Aerial

CHARLOTTE, MI—Spartan Emergency Response, a subsidiary of REV Group, and a manufacturer of fire apparatus, launched its newest model, the Ladder Tower NXT 110-foot rear-mount aerial. Designed with more flexibility for enhanced performance and safety, the NXT 110 eliminates the traditional pump house through a unique configuration that allows for a shorter wheelbase and overall length to provide greater maneuverability.

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“Our ability to deliver innovative solutions to the market is the result of excellent product design and LTC’s long history in the aerial market,” said Kent Tyler, president of REV Fire Group. “We are excited to have added Spartan Emergency Response, Smeal, and Ladder Tower to our leading fire apparatus brands and continue our tradition of delivering high-quality, reliable apparatus to the market.”

For over 45 years, Ladder Tower has earned its reputation for delivering custom, high-quality, fire-service proven aerials known for their durability and safety. The NXT 110 continues the tradition, built with the same dependable ladder, yet engineered in a way that offers departments more for their evolving response needs.

“We are thrilled to bring this next generation of high-quality aerials to the market,” said Amanda Van Duyn, vice president and general manager of Spartan Emergency Response. “Since joining REV Group in February, we have been able to accelerate our investment into innovations, and we look forward to continuing to meet and exceed our customers’ needs.”

The NXT 110 yields maximum and unrestricted performance with a 99-foot horizontal reach and up to 750-pound tip load at any angle and extension. This performance combined with a low-profile 2,250-gpm pump and less than 40-foot overall length delivers exceptional maneuverability without sacrificing compartment space or performance.

The strength and integrity of the ladder design remains tried and true, using the same design, materials, and construction methods as the traditional 110-foot ladder. Square and rectangular tubing provide a large ladder cross section for superior rigidity, with longer weld joints for increased ladder strength.

The unique packaging delivers maximum storage for equipment with 245 cubic feet of storage, full-depth rescue-style compartments, and up to 170 feet of ground ladders located 40 inches off the ground for safe and ergonomic access.

The NXT 110 is available with a tip load capacity of 500 pounds with a 12-foot outrigger spread or a tip load capacity of 750 pounds with a 14-foot outrigger spread. All models are engineered for a narrow stabilizer spread to allow easier positioning and faster setup on narrow streets and other tight access areas.

The NXT 110 is designed and purpose-built to combine apparatus safety features that are developed around protecting first responders. The Spartan Advanced Protection System® (APS) offers front and side impact protection.

In addition to the APS, the NXT 110 is engineered with ergonomic controls, Advanced Filtration System, ergonomic access to ground ladders, hosebeds, and equipment. The tandem-axle design delivers better suspension and braking capabilities with additional carrying capacities resulting in safer apparatus with greater control and stability.

Join Spartan ER live online at the REV Fire Group Apparatus Conference & Expo the week of August 10, 2020, to experience the performance and capabilities of the new NXT 110 aerial. The REV Truck Expo, powered by FDIC, will give departments the opportunity to connect with industry leaders, experience live walk arounds, and ask questions on demand. Registration is free and available online at

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