Rush City (MN) Takes Delivery of New Pumper with Enclosed top-Mount Pump Panel


East Central Energy provided a 0% loan of $25,000 to the Russh City (MN) Fire Department through teh USDA Red L&G Program. The money was uwed to purchase a new rig built by CustomFIRE.

The new pumper replaces a 1992 fire apparatus and is built on a 2019 Spartan MetroStar cab and chssis. The pump is a Waterous 1,500-gpm CSUC20, and the rig also has a FoamPro 2001 foam system, 1,250-gallon water tank, LED emergency lighting, and a 450-hp Cummins L9 engine. It also has a 20-gallon foam cell.

More information on the rig is available at

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