Rosenbauer’s Boer Expects Large FDIC Crowd

By Chris Mc Loone

Fire departments around the country continue to constrict. As this happens, departments scrutinize every facet of their expected expenses. Travel budgets are part of that equation.

To Harold Boer, president of Rosenbauer America, tight budgets are going to mean good attendance for the Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) this year. “We are expecting a large crowd this year,” he says. “It seems that as budgets get tighter and the departments can only go to one show, this is the one.”

Large crowds mean that the more than 1,000 exhibitors, as well as Rosenbauer, have a chance to expose their new products to a large audience. “This is the first major of the season and we get to show our new products to the largest audience at one place,” says Boer.

And, it’s not only fire department representatives walking the exhibit floors of FDIC. With so many exhibitors gathered in one place, apparatus manufacturers get a chance to see what’s new from their own suppliers. “We also get to visit with our suppliers and see what the new products are from them,” adds Boer. He expects to see new electronic controls and more LED lighting on the show floor this year.

As for Rosenbauer America, here’s what attendees can expect to see at its booth. “For this year, we have several new products to introduce,” says Boer. “First is our new MP3 pumper, which is a short-wheelbase, maximum-compartmentation custom pumper featuring a Rosenbauer 1,500-gpm Rosenbauer pump; a tractor-drawn aerial for Baltimore County, Maryland; a new 78-foot aerial with 750-pound tip load; new corrosion-resistant galvanized frame rails; and a new touch screen control panel.”

Rosenbauer America will be at booth 5401. For more information on Rosenbauer America, visit

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