Richard Mason Receives Ronny Jack Coleman Leadership Legacy Award

Richard A. Mason, CFO, was honored by receiving the Ronny Jack Coleman Leadership Legacy Award during the Center for Public Safety Excellence’s annual awards ceremony.

Mason has had a very long and distinguished career in the fire service and has been responsible for training thousands of firefighters. His career started with the Lebanon (NH) Fire Department where he served as a call firefighter, career firefighter, and was promoted to a captain within the department. Seeking further career advancement he became the Deputy Fire Chief of training in the City of Nashua (NH) until moving on as the Deputy Chief of operations for the City of Portsmouth (ME) before being appointed as the Director the New Hampshire Division of Fire Standards and Training which is the State organization tasked with delivering all firefighter training.

During his tenure with the Division of Fire Standards and Training many accomplishments were made that advanced the health and safety of firefighters and ensured new firefighters and officers had the training needed to perform the job well. Mason helped to find a permanent funding solution for the fire academy that allowed growth commensurate with the needs of all firefighters. This included the construction of a state of the art fire academy which serves as the anchor for all fire programs. His vision for fire training has made the industry a better place.

His work with the CPSE and the Commission on Professional Credentialing has resulted in tremendous advancements in the programs. Mason was one of the first designated Chief Fire Officer’s and served for nine years on the Commission; three of which were as the Chair. During this time he mentored countless chief officers successfully through the designation process. He continues today as a peer reviewer and instructor of the process.

His commitment extends beyond the fire service. He has been a member of the Boy Scouts of America for over 45 years and has received numerous awards at the district, council and national levels for outstanding leadership and assisting in the development of America’s youth. He is also active in the Masonic, Rotary and his local congregation.

The Ronny Jack Coleman Leadership Legacy Award recognizes an individual from an accredited agency or the Chief Officer Designation echelon for superior leadership and actions that have elevated the International Fire and Emergency Service (IFES) profession through mentoring, teaching and sharing outstanding contributions; and who has exhibited the consistent dedication of renewal qualities and commitment to fire service professionalism by demonstrating a devotion to help raise the International Fire and Emergency Service to greater heights.

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