Reyco Granning’s ResponseMaster® IFS Offers Increased Safety and Maneuverability

ResponseMaster by Reyco Granning
ResponseMaster by Reyco Granning

ResponseMaster® IFS by Reyco Granning offers firefighters refined ride quality, rugged design, and, most importantly, superior maneuverability and handling. With an industry leading 55° cramp angle the ResponseMaster provides a smaller turning radius, allowing the crew to get into optimal position safely and without delay.

Crew safety is paramount in an emergency situation, and with the ResponseMaster® you get independent front wheel movement. Unlike a leaf spring suspension where both wheels are connected by a rigid axle, the ResponseMaster® allows one wheel to bounce while the other remains unaffected allowing it to continue straight and smooth. The ResponseMaster® also offers the benefit of lower un-sprung mass, providing reduced chassis vibration and harshness resulting in a smoother and safer ride for crew and equipment.

Reyco Granning has more than two decades of industry leading experience manufacturing IFS suspensions. The ResponseMaster® family of systems exceeds the 70-percent U.S. content necessary to meet the 2020 Federal Transit Administration regulations for Buy America content.

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