QR911 Available Nationwide

QR911 recently announced a new lifesaving program for residents to communicate property and medical information during emergency situations. A new high-tech free service, QR911 has partnered with the Kingman (AZ) Fire Department. QR911 provides a new layer of security and safety to the community and firefighters.

“QR911 is a free community service–free to communities, fire departments, and residents. Through QR Code technology and partnerships with communities and fire departments, QR911 provides another layer of safety to residents and emergency medical responders. Users (private citizens and businesses) are provided a printable QR Code (QR911 signs) to be placed around the home on windows, doors, and personal belongings. When scanned, QR911 signs enable emergency medical responders access to sensitive, personal, medical information and home details. QR911 is easy, practical, secure, and free.”

Signup with QR911 is easy and quick in about 10 minutes the user can provide emergency contacts, medical status, and a building profile. The user can then print their own QR911 sign. Only the Emergency Medical Responders can access the user’s information through password protection.

Kingman Fire Chief Jake Rhoades is very excited about the new program. “When minutes count, seconds matter.” The fire department will have all information needed to perform their job at a new level of speed and accuracy.

QR911 is based out of Tucson, Arizona, with David Cashion and David Kryder co-founding and Chief Todd LeDuc serving as senior advisor. QR911 is proud to announce Kingman as the first city in America with the lifesaving service.

For information to have your fire station partner with QR911 refer to FAQs at QR911.com.

To speak with co-founder, contact: David.Cashion@QR911.com

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