Polk County (FL) Fire Rescue Implements RFID Tracking System for Meds

Photo from Department Facebook Page.


Polk County (FL) Fire Rescue is testing out new technology that it predicts could save the department and taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

The department comprises 46 fire stations and the idea is to use this technology to keep track of where supplies and medications are and move them when necessary.

The technology is a radio frequency ID (RFID) tracking system, which the department expects will make the system of tracking supplies and meds more efficient.

One use will be to ensure medication doesn’t expire and is stocked. One unit being used to beta test the system was down to two units of Narcan, but the requirement per truck is four times that amount.

The department will roll the system out over time into 26 trucks that experience the highest call volume. If successful, it will investigate equipping the whole fleet.

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