Plenty of D’oh: Springfield (MO) Fire Department’s Planned Upgrades

The Springfield (MO) Fire Department is building new fire stations, catching up on the maintenance of old ones, and replacing gear on a more regular basis, reports The spending was made possible by the city’s level property tax, which voters extended indefinitely four years ago.

Some of the projects are relatively small—e.g., resealing and restriping parking lots at stations—but others are much larger.

Replacing Old Stations

The city currently plans to significantly renovate or replace two fire stations over the next couple of years. The city recently held the groundbreaking for its Station 4.

Station 7, built in 1958 and located at 2129 E. Sunshine St., is also on track to be replaced, with construction expected to begin in spring 2022.

New Stations

Construction is expected to start on Station 13—located in the 1900 block of West College Street—this June or July at a cost of $2.7 million.

Station 14 is slated to be built in the northeast corner of West Chestnut Expressway and North Duke Avenue. That one is planned to be designed, bid out, and built as part of a 2026 bond series made possible by the renewed property tax.

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